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New House Bill 87 Alleviates Foreclosure Crisis In Miami, Florida

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New House Bill 87 Alleviates Foreclosure Crisis In Miami, Florida

For long, house owners of Florida have been facing the problems of foreclosures. To overcome this problem, the legislature has framed a new house bill 87, which will make a significant impact on the homeowners as well as financing authorities. An unbiased view of the bill is mentioned below:-

Constructive Side

Shortened Deficiency Judgments: - Earlier banks had five precious years to hunt Property for sale deficiency judgment against house owner, which is now reduced to a single year. It means a bank has the time frame of a year to pursue collection action and if they failed in it, the bank will lose their right forever for that particular case.

Serious Paperwork: - Now, banks have to research a lot before submitting their foreclosure complaints. If a bank possesses promissory notes then they have to enclose it with the complaints. In the condition when they had mistakenly accepted possession of promissory note but failed in its submission, the foreclosure lawsuit has right to dismiss the complaint on the ground of incomplete evidence.

Flip Side

Speedy process/Show cause hearing within 20 days of foreclosure notice: -Banks can call a homeowner for the show cause hearing, where house owner has to convince court to settle on his side. However, if the house owner or his lawyer fails to reach for the hearing then the court has right to jump to any conclusion without hearing anything from his side.

Vendors and Purchasers- Why do they involve in Auction?

A final word of the judgment: - Homeowners who were the victim of forgery and have lost their property in foreclosure can't regain their property on this ground. Well… Undoubtedly Florida has become tough against Real Estate Foreclosure and its defense. The person who dreams of buying a foreclosure property must take the support of an expert agent as he can't nail these complexities in Auction houses in Miami.

Apart from this house owner who wants to stop foreclosure needs to frame a strong, clear cut strategy without any further delay.