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About Us What We Do?

EW Investments, LLC offers the opportunity to purchase property (House for Sale in Florida) through the auction, giving you the great possibility of generating income and profitability for our clients.

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Buy Foreclosure Listings

Our service consists of participating in auction with our team to find the best properties for our clients and acquire them with a GREAT DISCOUNT.

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Remodel Properties

Once purchased, our team of contractors is responsible for putting the properties in an optimal state to sell or rent them quickly.

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Sell or Rent Properties

After the property is ready, our team of real estate specialists will lease properties or sell any Real Estate for Sale in Miami in record time!

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We guarantee effective and comprehensive representation for your investment. Contact Us About Us
Client Testimonial

The best investment I could have done, now I don’t just have a property, now I also have monthly extra incomes.

Mack Raider

Miami, Florida

Incredible consultancy service, they explained to me, step by step, the purchasingprocess, highly recommended.

Sarah Stevens

Lima, Perú

My capital was well kept and invested.

Sam Foster

Caracas, Venezuela

I do not live in the US but the purchasing process was pretty convenient because the company took charge of everything, now I have an extra income every month.

Jack Mendez

La Paz, Bolivia

The remodeling process was really fast, it only took a few weeks and it was super effective.

Mary Miller

Madrid, España

I didn’t even have to worry about looking for a renter. They did everything I needed.

Tom Clark

Miami, Florida

Find New And Used Homes For Sale in Miami For Investment Purpose

EW Investments, LLC is a team of licensed and seasoned real estate agents providing end-to-end property investment and management services in Florida.

Searching For Your Dream House For Sale In Florida For Investment Purposes? We Are Here To Help!

- Investment services for individuals - If you live within or outside the USA and looking for a house for sale in Florida for investment purposes, we are your one-stop solution.

- Multiple Properties Investment - We also help in creating your own real estate corporation and manage your future property investments in case you want to buy multiple properties in Miami.

We Guarantee ROI On Your Real Estate Investment (Find Top Real Estate For Sale In Miami)

Step by Step Guidance – We help you find a best used or new house for sale in Miami (Florida) through the auction process. When you contact us, a seasoned real estate agent will call you and assist you at each stage of the process explaining and executing the tasks. We maintain complete transparency so that you are aware of each detail of your investment and the process for hassle free experience.

Market Monitoring – Due to our solid years of experience in the real estate segment in Miami, we have links and networks to gather information on the upcoming auctions.

Acquire Property On 30% Down Market Value – Our agents are expert in negotiating the maximum discount for the foreclosure properties and get you a solid price way down the actual market value (30%). Isn't a great deal?

Property Remodeling And Flipping – Our work just not stop by acquiring the property below the market rate. It actually begins now! Our team now starts the property remodeling and flipping process where we reconstruct or remodel the property to buy and sell it in an optimal state to achieve maximum returns.

Sell and Rent Properties (Put Your Remodeled House For Sale In Miami For Investment Purposes) – Our real estate agents will apply their effective sales skills to sell, rent, or lease your property in record time. We promise and guarantee a solid profit.

Complete Property Maintenance And Management – We have resources and infrastructure to administer your property effectively. We can collect rent and maintain the property (general repair, clearing, tenant handling, and amenities addition etc.) to ensure the property has a solid worth in the market. If you live outside the USA, you can feel stress-free and make money while you 'sleep'!

Are you looking for properties for investment purposes for passive income source (real estate for sale in Miami, Florida)? Call us today on (305) 328-9431 and you will not feel disappointed at all!